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Our work is funded largely through donations from private individuals and foundations.  If you would like to get involved and be a part of wolf research in Idaho, please consider donating today. Your money goes directly to the Idaho Wolf Project. 

* CNR Carnivore Ecology is the designation for Idaho Wolf Project donations

Become a Wolf Technnican

Sunset in the mountains of Idaho State

The University of Idaho hires 4-6 technicians for wolf research in Idaho with an approximate field season from early June – the end of August.  Technicians work and travel between four study areas throughout Idaho. Technicians survey wolf pack rendezvous site habitat, perform howling surveys, and collect wolf scat samples. Crews tent camp and backpack into wilderness and backcountry (for 1-3 days) while in study areas. This position requires technicians to hike rugged terrain up to 20 miles per day, camp in the backcountry up to 10 days in a row without re-supply and drive 4x4 vehicles on rugged roads in all weather conditions. 

How to Apply 

You can apply to be a wildlife technician on the Idaho Wolf Project by emailing your resume, cover letter and a list of three references in a single pdf file to the lead research scientist Peter Rebholz at
 Applications are accepted February-March

Wolf Scenting Illustration
Wolf walking illustration

Prospective Graduate Students

Feel free to reach out about graduate positions ( I generally only bring on students if I have full funding support for them. Working on one of my projects is a good way to demonstrate your abilities and work ethic. If I know someone personally and they are bright, hard-working, and enthusiastic, I am much more inclined to entertain selecting them for a graduate position than someone I do not know.

- Dr. David Ausband 

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